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Project Management

All our projects method statements are based on our Corporate Project Vision of projects which is to:

  • Meet a well define scope of work

  • Achieve key contractual milestones

  • Effectively on safety, plan, execute hand over and monitor the work with emphasis on the integration and coordination of engineering, procurement and construction processes.


The project success requires that all phases of the project are rigorously planned, executed, controlled and manage seamlessly, timely, safely and to the highest quality standards.


That can only be implemented if we gather and focus on the following:

  • Mobilize highly qualified engineers and managers with a wealth of experience accumulated in different working conditions acquired on projects around the world

  • Identify at the start all specialized Packages on the critical path of the project schedule in order to reduce risks and cost impact.

  • Play a pivotal role between the main contractor and sub-contractors, the engineering and the procurement in order to have all parties aligned and in agreement on how to implement and execute the project.

  • Have a continuous project review with highly qualified seniors in each discipline to assess constructability, construction methods, equipment requirements, procurement packages, worldwide procurement and expediting, inspection, logistic and implementation.

  • Have a Project Quality Plan, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, in all aspect of manufacturing, logistics, delivery and storage, material quality control at site and verification of the installation. All component of the project are monitored from contract review to completion and commissioning”.

  • Have a Safety Plan. Health and Safety is the highest priority to our client, subcontractor and ourselves. The safety plan follows the construction plan and method statements and includes; site inception sessions, training and monitoring team practice and working methods safety material and emergency plan.

On a systematic basis our Project Management Team focus on the following processes:

  • Contract and Scope Definition Management

  • Baseline Maintenance

  • Project Risk Control and Management System

  • Business Processes including Earned Management Value (EMV)

  • Full integrating of resources of the Contractor, the sub-contractors and the Client

  • Human Ressources Management

  • Quality Project Management

  • Health and Safety and Environment implementation Program and Management

  • Document Control Confidentiality

  • Communication Management

  • Modularization and Off Site Fabrication

  • Optimization of Cost and Schedule through the Maximization of Modularization and Off Site Fabrication

  • Better Control of Quality and Safety Environment

  • At Spims, our project team has proven capabilities and strong achievements in:

  • Project Management Executive Approach and Risk Management.

  • Technical ability to undertake the works, timely and effectively

  • Engineering ability to optimize Final Design

  • Constructability ability to adapt the construction methods to expedite work

  • Procurement expertise including Management of Critical Long Lead Items

  • Construction know how including Construction & Mechanical Equipment Procedures

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program

  • Work Area Health and Safety implementation Strategy

  • Project Closing – completion and commissioning

  • Start-Up, Owner’s Technical Operator, Staff Training, Operation and Maintenance

Once a project has been awarded, the project Director is fully responsible and has the full authority during all phases of the project.


All Spims projects are monitored by our senior management through monthly project review.

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