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Procurement Management

At Spims, our in depth understanding of the international markets and our relationships with key suppliers allow us to provide the best material and services on time and within budget. As a result, we successfully delivered projects in some of the most challenging area of the world.

Spims has the in house resources to efficiently locate, evaluate, purchase and arrange for the transport of materials and services to any project site” Our procurement staff is familiar with the markets, customs and environment regulations, permitting requirements and the laws of the communities where we work.


Our expertise covers the entire supply chain, from sourcing, purchasing and transportation logistics  to inventory control, inspection and quality assurance. Every products and service must comply with our high standards of quality and safety requirements.

Over the years, our people have develop strong relationship with key suppliers, manufacturer and service providers in a variety of industries. We utilize competitive bidding and negotiate long term agreements to obtain competitive prices for materials and services.

All members of the project team share some responsibility for the supply chain. Our engineers work with clients to select the technologies and equipment that best meet the project and cost requirements. Our project managers and procurement staff synchronize projects schedules, materials orders and shipping logistics to minimize work delays. Our logistic and safety experts ensure potentially hazardous materials are transported and handled safely and responsibly. We also design our projects and train our people to ensure construction material are not wasted.

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