André Béland

Co-Founder & General Manager of SPIMS Group

Andre Béland retired in October 2012 from its positions in SNC-Lavalin International Inc. Libya Branch part of the leading engineering and construction firms in the world, and a major Branch within SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure & Construction. He has more than 35 years of management and executive-level experience in the development and implementation of small and large engineering and construction projects in Canada, Europe and African countries. He has an outstanding record on cooperation, collaboration and management, holding position in State Own Companies, Join Stock companies and Joint Ventures with partners from these countries.

Mr. Béland has 18 years posting in Libya, based in Benghazi he was until recently holding the position of General Manager and Vice President Engineering and Construction and liaise with the main Libyan organisations such as the Great Man Made River Authority, the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority, the Organisation and Development of Administrative Centers and the oil companies.

Over the past 35 years Mr. Béland has devoted his career to a wide range of water supply development projects in Canada and in several African countries and carried out major civil works. His major achievement in his discipline was directing the design, engineering and construction of the major well fields for the Great Man Made River in Libya contributing to more than 2.4 million cubic meters per day of groundwater production conveyed from the middle of the Sahara desert to the cities on the Mediterranean coast.

Born in Canada, Northern Quebec in 1952, Mr. Béland holds a Bachelor of Geological Engineering from Laval University, Quebec City and a Master of Science in Hydrogeology from Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada. He is fluent in English and French

B.A.Sc. Geological Engineering

M.Sc. Hydrogeology

2015 Founded SPIMS

2012 Consultant

1991 - 2012 SNC-LAVALIN

1977 - 1994 Hydrogeo Canada Inc (Lavalin)

1976 - 1977 University of Waterloo, Canada

1975 - 1976 Department of Natural Resources of Quebec

1973 - 1974 Geological Survey of Canada