Who We Are?

What defines and drives us is our Team’s experience and who each one of us live it. Our greatest strength resides in our people and how we stand by them. We were a team before SPIMS and we are a team now.
We are from all over the world, we worked across the globe in difficult places and on small projects to mega projects but we share the same values and the same ethics in our work. We are always committed to accomplish our missions on time and on budget. It is in our DNA that your needs are our needs and that your community is our community.

We are a Team, this is our STRENGTH.

Our Skills

Project Management 90%
Deep Drilling Water Well 80%
Project Staffing 75%

Meet the Team

Our team has deep entrepreneurial roots mixed with a strong experience with multinational engineering firms.

Abdelatif Ahmed-Chaouch

President / Power

Mr. Abdelatif Ahmed-Chaouch, P Eng., is the president and co-founder of SPIMS. He is an engineer with more than 35 years of worldwide experience in the power sector.

André Béland

General Manager

Mr. André Béland is the General Manager and co-founder of SPIMS. He is an engineer with more than 37 years of management and executive level experience.

Mircea Drancea

Oil & Gas / Water

Mr. Mircea Drancea is responsible for the Oil & Gas/ Water at SPIMS. An engineer with more thant 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry and Water serctor. He is the owner of Mdrom Trading Co and co-founder of SPIMS.

Hugues Crener

Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Crener is the Deputy Managing Director at SPIMS. He has more than 27 years experience inmanagement. 

Georges Brabant

Quality Control Manager

Mr. Georges Brabant is the Quality Control Manager at SPIMS. He has 35 years ofexperience in the field of manufacturing, construction and QA/QC.

Giacomo Pantaleo

Construction Division Team

Mr. Pantaleo is one of the foremost Civil Engineer in Tunisia. He is an integrated part of Construction Division team at SPIMS


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